Who we are

We are a medical transcription service headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are believers that computers can not replace doctors. We are about to make medical reporting easier for you.

Sunrise Transcription is a 100% HIPAA compliant medical transcription outsourcing company in USA that provides medical professionals with fast and accurate medical transcription & dictation service. We are committed to providing exceptional service to clinics and hospitals across the United States and Canada.

Our service offers 24/7 coverage. We offer 12 to 24 hours of turnaround time. There are no set up fees, no hidden cost, and no monthly minimum, and we can start in as little as 24 hours.

Fast Turnaround Time

One of the biggest complaints that most physicians’ offices have with the medical transcription service they are currently using is that they offer such slow turnaround time. While there are times when time is not of the essence, for the most part if you do not get your transcriptions back within 24-48 hours, it can have a negative impact on your ability to care for your patients.

While 24-48 hours may be good enough for the average medical transcription service, we take pride in being better than most. You can dictate your notes from any telephone or into a digital recorder and we will have it transcribed and returned to you within 12-24 hours and guarantee it to be one hundred percent accurate. This is amongst the best in the industry and you never have to worry about a language barrier.

HIPPA Compliant

Sunrise Transcription fully understands the importance of data security in the healthcare industry. Our HIPAA compliance strategy is based on three dimensions providing complete end-to-end security of our client’s data.

  • Technology
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • People & Processes

Secure Technology

Our technology incorporates the best security features like 128-bit data encryption, multi-tiered application architecture, design level security safeguards, firewall protected networks, sterilized e-mail servers, denial of access procedures and multi-modal alerts. All our systems are under continuous improvement to handle emerging technology changes.

Secure Facilities & Infrastructure

While secure technology is one of the physical dimensions of our security policy, the other is secure facilities & infrastructure. We ensure that security at all our work facilities & infrastructure is 100%. Using only company owned & managed facilities, not engaging any home medical transcriptionists, employing manned security at the entry/exit points, round-the-clock video surveillance and the lack of removable storage media are some of the measures we take to repare your data.

Secure Processes & Aware People

The third dimension of security involves the way that we handle our processes and train our people to understand the importance of data security. Every line that we transcribe is done at our premises – nothing is sub-contracted out. This ensures that we are in total control of end-to-end data flow. Apart from this, elaborate security routines, periodic security audits, restricted internal mail and e-mail access, limiting access to confidential data through joint access procedures, HIPAA training, legal undertakings from all our employees are some of the other steps to ensure total security.