Dictate + Connect: Android App Instructions

Sunrise Transcription recommends Dictate + Connect as a voice recorder app for iPhone or Android mobile devices. Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) is a third-party app that works well with the Sunrise transcription platform. Below are the features that allow it to be compatible with Sunrise Transcription.




Setup and Configuration:

Below are the configurations settings necessary to allow Dictamus to upload dictation files to your Sunrise Transcription account.

Step 1. Click the “Menu” button from your Android device. Select “Settings” as shown below.


Step 2. Click “Sharing” from the options as shown below.


Step 3. Click “Add Sharing Destination” from the options as shown below.


Step 4. Click “FTP” from the options as shown below. Note: The FTP option will give you the option to use SSL. Do not select “SFTP” as this is different.


Step 5. Enter a sharing destination name such as “sunrise.exavault.com” as shown below.


Step 6. Once the sharing destination has been created, do the following:

Export Filename: Initials_Description

Audio Format: WAV


Quick sharing Profile: (the sharing destination name you created in Step 5.)

Then click the Sharing Destination name you created to edit the FTP settings as shown below.

Step 7. Enter the following information:

Server: sunrise.exavault.com

Port: 21

Path: /

Username: (ftp user name for your sunrise account)

Password: (ftp password for your sunrise account)

SSL: (checked)

Implicit SSL: (checked)

Export Filename: select “Initials_Description”

Audio Format: WAV


That is all the configuration settings. Now you are ready to record. Click the “Back” button on the Android device twice to return to the home screen below. Press the New Dictation button to begin recording.

After completing your dictation, press the “Send” button in the bottom left corner.