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Spending too much time with the computer instead of your patients? 34% of doctors say “yes,” and that they’re seeing fewer patients as a result.*

The move to Electronic Medical Records has forced doctors to use new – unproven – medical reporting technologies that are less efficient, less accurate, more complicated and more time consuming than the medical dictation and transcription services that many prefer.

This means less time facing patients and more time facing a computer screen. Longer hours too.
It doesn’t have to be this way…

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    No more late transcription. No more delays in patient treatment. No more tapping the desk in the morning, waiting for the reports to pop up on the screen. Because delayed patient treatment makes both your patient and your referring colleague angry. This means less referrals and ultimately, lost business for your practice. With the guarantee same day turnaround on your dictations, you know your medical reporting won’t take your practice off schedule. So your patients will get your best treatment and your referring colleagues will know they can count on you.

  • Triple Proof Accuracy®

    Sloppy transcription can lead to wrong prescription fills and improper treatment. It can even be deadly. With Triple Proof Accuracy®, you will have confidence knowing that your reports have been carefully combed through, according to your specific direction, so that the treatment plan you prescribe for your patients is properly documented, assuring quality documentation to your quality patient care.

  • HIPAA compliant & secure

    The horror stories of home-based transcription overseas are enough to turn a doctor in to a typist… your celebrity patient’s medical history circulating an internet cafe in some far away land. Make HIPAA compliance a requirement with your transcription service and protect your patients’ privacy.

  • Round-the-clock customer support:

    Waiting on hold for help is a waste of time. Indecipherable customer service reps can make you want to pull your hair out. And then you have to deal with the doctor when their reports aren’t ready because it was after 5 when you called the transcription service last night. With after hours support, you won’t be left tapping the table hoping for help.

  • Web based report archiving

    When reports can’t be found, it can delay the doctor from seeing the patient. So treatment is delayed, leading to an unhappy patient. Keep the doctor on schedule and keep your patients happy with indexed report archiving that lets you find reports in less than 30 seconds.

  • Seamless EMR integration

    34% of doctors say that voice recognition and EMR templates cause them to see fewer patients? With an interface that brings your transcription in to your EMR, you can take back control of your medical reports, and spend more time seeing patients.

  • Works with Mac or Windows and any Browser

    Computer problems are aggravating, and take away time seeing patients. Don’t change your computer comfort zone. Use the computer you like and the browser you like. Work the way you’re most effective.