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Transcription Process

– How it works

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Flexible Dictating Options

  • Toll-free telephone dictation (free on all accounts).
  • Digital voice recorder.
  • iPhone & Android apps.

True-Track Transcription Trail. HIPAA Compliance

  • Dictation immediately tagged for 100% auditing and tracking.
  • Secure VPN connection, 528-bit encryption.
  • HIPAA compliant systems and processes.

Dedicated transcriptionist, Personalized formatting, Triple Proof Accuracy®

  • Files routed to doctor’s dedicated transcription team.
  • Medical language experts assigned by specialty.
  • Trademarked three-phase quality assurance process.
  • 100% web-based: Mac® or Windows®, any browser.
  • No software to install.
  • Customized interfaces available for EMR systems for automatic report transfer.

Reports posted within 24 hours for work submitted daily.

  • View, edit, e-sign, fax with a click.
  • Download or print from system.
  • Reports indexed for future access.