Physicians: When Time is of the Essence

The life of a physician can be fast-paced and demanding. Depending on which discipline they are in, they may hold office hours, or they may be on call twenty-four hours per day, several days per week. Either way, they work on strict timetables and require things to move along at an expedited pace.

Time for a physician can be precious, while that same time for patients can be life-saving. Any time that a doctor can save waiting on test results, lab results, or transcripts can be more time they spend with a patient. That time spent face-to-face can help the doctor gather more details by giving him or her more time speaking with (gathering a medical history), or looking over (physically examining), their patient.

Here at Sunrise Transcription, we take physicians’ time very seriously. We recognize that having an accurate transcript can be of the utmost importance, but also having that transcript returned in a short amount of time can be just as crucial. This is why we offer a 24-hour turn-around time for transcribing, and we will have it triple checked before sending it back to the physician.

Along with an accurate and expedited transcript, physicians can also rest assured that their information is protected with strict security protocols. We go the extra mile for our clients because we know our clients go the extra mile for all of us. We will be happy to answer any questions, or address any concerns you may have. Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can be of assist to you and your practice!