Remote EHR Scribe

Electronic Health Record scribe

What is Scribing?

Scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and help them to deliver the best patient care possible.

  • Doctor use our Mobile app

    Doctor use our Mobile app

  • Scribes observe and participate

    Scribes observe and participate

  • Patients get better care

    Patients get better care


Minimizing the time you spend on documentation will give you more time for patient care, yourself, and your family. And for many busy doctors, a medical scribe drives net revenue increases by allowing time for additional appointments. This alone can cover the cost of your medical scribe.

An onsite medical scribe is:

  • Dedicated – full­-service and by your side
  • Real-­Time – provides immediate documentation
  • Connected – priority focus on detailed & accurate notes

Turnkey Solution

Sunrise Transcription offers a turnkey solution allowing physicians to reap the benefits of a scribe immediately. Your medical scribe is employed by Sunrise Transcription; recruited, trained, hired, paid, and managed by us.

Contracted by the hospital or physician group, a Sunrise Transcription medical scribe is:

  • Immediate – fully­-trained and ready to start
  • Redundant – scribes on-call for sickness & vacation
  • Cost Transparent – simple hourly fee