Using Transcription Services in Electronic Health Records Software

Transcription was once a part of cutting-edge medical practices. A provider using transcription would do the examination, walk out of the room, and dictate the components of the exam to a transcriptionist. The transcriptionist would then type out what was dictated and plugged it into the progress note. Fast forward a few years and electronic medical records have quickly surpassed what was once a common practice. While transcription is still used, it’s no longer being catered to.

The biggest problem nowadays is that most EHR companies sell against transcription. Their argument is, with electronic medical records, you won’t need transcription. Using this as a selling point can lose potential customers. Several years ago, when the technology was first available, electronic health records were targeting the doctors leading in technology. It made sense at the time because those were the providers who would want the system.

But now, most of the technologically advanced practices have already implemented EHR. What’s left are the practices who are either uncomfortable with the technology or don’t want to change what has been working for them for years, transcription. So doesn’t it make sense to try and make the technology appeal to them by working with transcription?

Sunrise Transcription makes sure that these practices will get all of the benefits of an EHR while also keeping the traditional appeal of transcription. With the push of a button, the physician can dictate their portion of the note such as the exam and assessment.

Most EHR systems require a form for all areas of the appointment. These forms come in templates that can be chosen depending on the scenario. Unfortunately, for providers unfamiliar with the technology, sometimes using a template can create more problems than it solves. The checklists on these forms can take time and may not possess the proper options for the patient at hand. Transcription allows the provider to add their thoughts and observations without having to use the lengthy checklists.

Just like any other business setting, there are going to be providers who don’t want to change the way they do things. By providing EHR integrated transcription service, we’re allowing them to stick with what’s comfortable for them, while also providing their practice with all the benefits that EHR can provide.