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    Reliable 12 Years of Medical Transcription Services Experience

    Get guarantees that matter. No lost transcription. No late transcription. No sloppy transcription. No lame excuses. If we don’t deliver as promised, you don’t pay.

  • Trusted

    Trusted 7,538+ Doctors Served

    Rated one of America’s top 10 medical transcription companies for nine years running. Over 2 million medical transcriptions delivered. Not a single breach of HIPAA compliance.

  • Fast

    Fast 24 Hour Turn-around

    Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on your regular workflow. Fast, easy access to your patient records 24/7. 100% online medical transcription services give you secure access from anywhere.

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Who uses us

  • Hospitals and medical groups that seek the ease and convenience of medical transcription outsourcing services.

    Beyond standard medical dictation and medical transcription services, you will enjoy customized service levels that can even work with an EHR system. Get clock-like reliability with your own dedicated medical transcription experts who bring custom formatting, detailed work reporting and more. Contact us to learn more about hospital transcription and personalized medical scribe services for your organization.

  • Private medical offices that need fast medical transcription services to support precise patient scheduling.

    Unlike with outsourced medical transcription brokers, where work is farmed out to internet freelancers spread around the world, with EHR Transcriptions, your HIPAA compliant team of specialists work together under the same roof. You get the same transcriptionists typing for you every day. No sloppy transcription. No late transcription. No lost transcription.

  • Doctors who work in multiple locations…

    EHR’s online medical dictation transcription services bring you the flexibility to dictate however it’s most convenient. And as long as you’re plugged in to the internet, you can securely access your reports. You can even fax them to your colleagues. Best of all, it’s all HIPAA compliant.

  • Independent healthcare providers with lighter volumes…

    Even if your volume is light and sporadic, our monthly subscription option brings certainty, security and reliability that historically has only been available for hospital transcription service. Request a quote.

What they say

Terri ArgumosaSouth Florida Orthopaedic Group

“You far exceeded our expectations. Thank you for turning our work around so quickly! The process was easy to use and you provided great customer service.”